Stunning city of Kota is well-known for its lush green Gardens. Gopal Niwas Bag and Naga Ji Ka Bag, which are an extension of CV Garden and Kshar Bag, are one such group of gardens that stands out.

Beautiful Landscape of Gopal Niwas Bag Kota

These gardens provide a tranquil setting to unwind and regenerate as a great getaway from the rush of city life. These gardens are near to Kishore Sagar Lake and Seven wonders Park.

Gopal Niwas Bag, is a beautiful garden situated near the famous CV Garden. Unlike CV Garden, which can get quite crowded, Gopal Niwas Bag is quieter and less crowded.

The garden is lush green with many trees, making it an ideal place for a morning walk or a picnic with friends and family. The garden also has a jogging track and a kids zone with a slide.

Kids Playing Zone in Gopal Niwas Bag

The toy train from CV Garden also makes its way to Gopal Niwas Bag, providing a fun experience for children. The CV Garden train pit line for maintenance is also located here, and the train connects the garden through a tunnel.

There is a Chai shop outside the garden that serves amazing tea, making it a perfect spot for a quick snack break.

Another feature of the garden is a step well, although it is not well-maintained and is quite polluted. Despite this, the garden is well-maintained, and you can see children playing cricket on the lawns.

Stepwell in Gopal Niwas Bag, Kota, Rajasthan

On the other hand, Naga Ji Ka Bag, located opposite Gopal Niwas Bag, is a quiet and peaceful garden. While sometimes gatherings and functions are organised here, it is mostly a quiet environment. The garden has a small temple of East Mukhi Hanuman Ji, where aarti is performed every morning and evening.

Blooming Flower Naga Ji Ka Bag, Kota, Rajasthan
Blooming Flower Naga Ji Ka Bag, Kota, Rajasthan

The entry ticket to this garden is also Rs. 5 per person. Inside Naga Ji Ka Bag, you can find a beautiful temple and lush green lawns. The garden has enough space for small parties and religious events, and there is a hall available for the same.

The garden also serves as a perfect spot for a small meet-up or a birthday party. One can also visit Kshar Bagh nearby, which has a Cantopah, and the Fortwall is on one side of the Gopal Niwas Bag. The garden is situated in the middle of the city, and spending some time here will undoubtedly refresh one’s self.

Stepwell in Naga Ji Ka Bag, Kota, Rajasthan

The beautiful ambience with water bodies, dense trees, and a small temple is perfect for a weekend getaway for few hours. The garden also offers a perfect spot for running and walking, and it is a wonderful place to be amidst nature.

JalDhara in Naga Ji Ka Bag, Kota, Rajasthan

In conclusion, Kota’s Gopal Niwas Bag and Naga Ji Ka Bag are lovely gardens that make the ideal getaway from the hectic city life.

Places Near Gopal Niwas Bag and Naga Ji Ka Bag

  1. Kishore Sagar Lake
  2. Seven Wonders
  3. CV Garden
  4. Lucky Burj
  5. Jag Mandir Palace

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