Abheda Mahal is a stunning palace situated in Kota, Rajasthan. The palace gets its name from the Hindi word “Abhyaran,” mad from words “Abhay+ Arana” which means a forest where animals live without fear.

Earlier it was a dense forest, in which was a habitat of thousand of animals. Keeping this in mind Kota’s kins Veer Deh made a big pond here in the year of 1346. The Abheda palace was built on the bank of a pond created. Abheda Mahal boasts of architectural styles from the 13th century and had orchards of आम (Mango) , जामुन (Indianblueberry) and नारंगी orange trees. Oranges of the place used to be extremely sweet.

Abheda Mahal has been a popular picnic spot since the Riyasat period and is located only 10 km from Kota city center. The best time to visit the palace is from October to December and February to March.

During Maharaj Ummed Singh Second’s reign, the pond housed numerous crocodiles that entertained visitors by coming out on the sound made by the chowkidar.

One can enjoy the well-maintained gardens with well-cut hedges, which are in Mughal style with a geometric rectangular shape.

Mughal Style Garden

The palace is surrounded by a vast lake on one side teeming with fishes and lotus flowers in bloom.

Bath Pond For Royal Family

It is an ideal place for bird enthusiasts as it attracts a variety of water birds such as aquatic birds that can be spotted in the lake.

Lake around Abheda

The palace has numerous Painting housed on walls on its interior.

Painting inside palace (1)
Painting inside palace (2)
Painting inside palace (3)

Tourists can engage in pedal boating in the lake and cross the bridge while admiring the scenery. Additionally, children can have a delightful time chasing rabbits in the garden.

Historical Well in the compound of Abheda mahal Kota

The palace is also a remarkable location for photography, and it is highly favored as a destination for pre-wedding photoshoots as well as for creating captivating social media clips and reels. Moreover, the sunset view from the palace is truly awe-inspiring. The palace has a beautiful zoological park beside it that visitors can also explore.

Blooming Lotus in Abheda Mahal Kota, Rajasthan
Pedal Boating Can be enjoyed at Abheda Mahal Kota, Rajasthan
Abheda Zoological Park is in Close Vicinity to Abheda Mahal in Kota Rajasthan

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