The Chhatra Vilas Garden, commonly referred to as CV Garden, is a stunning park located in Kota. The park offers a variety of activities for people of all ages and is the ideal vacation spot for families . The cost of admission to the park is merely 5 rupees, making it affordable and soothing for people to spend the day there.

Chambal Express

The Chamabal Express, a two-coach, narrow gauge CNG joy train that travels through CV Garden, is one of the park’s key draws. The Gopal Niwas Bag, an addition to the garden, is reached by the train after it passes through a tunnel.

Monkey also want to Joy Ride on Chambal Express at CV garden Kota

The train offers visitors a fascinating view of the entire park as they travel through it. The train is a well-liked family and kid attraction and plays vintage hindi music.

Visitors can feel calmness and serenity at CV Garden’s little pond. Visitors have the option of pedal boating, which allows them to enjoy a leisurely trip on the lake while being surrounded by a wide range of aquatic birds and golden fish. A four-seater boat costs 40 rupees, compared to 20 rupees for a two-seater boat.

Ducks and other birds can be seen in Pond

Numerous ducks live in the pond, which is a lovely setting for spending some quiet time in the middle of nature. A bridge with stone arches connects several two areas of the pond, enhancing the natural beauty. The steel bridge that the Chambal Express’s small gauge track over also adds to the experience’s uniqueness. Boating on the pond allows visitors to take in the pond’s tranquilly, rich greenery, and sound of the water.

The CV Garden offers a distinct kids area with a variety of swings and slides in addition to the pond, allowing kids to play and have fun while their parents unwind and take in the lovely surroundings. The park is an excellent area for fitness and relaxation because it features a jogging path that around the entire garden. Additionally, the park features a free open gym where guests may work out and stay in shape.

Kshar Bag has Outstanding Chhatris which are in Honor of Royals of Kota

One of the main extension of the CV Garden is its collection of royal cenotaphs in Kshar Bag. These monuments, also referred to as Chataris in Hindi, were built in honour of the Kota rulers and the valiant troops who gave their lives defending the realm. These memorials in the style of umbrellas have stunning architecture that features exquisite geometric patterns and symmetry, making them a sight to behold. You can see the centophs from Lucky Burg, which is close to CV Garden.

Outdoor amphitheatre

An outdoor amphitheatre in the middle of the park is the ideal location for meetings and picnics. The UIT is in charge of maintaining the park; formal events at the amphitheatre could need prior approval from park officials.

Ummed Club adjecent to CV garden Kota has stunning view

The Ummed Club, an architectural wonder that appears gorgeous when lit up at night, and the Kishore Sagar lake, which has the Jag Mandir Palace on its island, are two other notable sites that surround the park. Visitors can get a snack or a cold beverage at Chowapati, which is located halfway between the CV garden and Kishore Sagar.

In general, the CV Garden is a wonderful spot for families and nature enthusiasts to unwind and enjoy a day of amusement. The park is a great choice for individuals searching for a fun experience because of its many attractions and inexpensive entry price.

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