Lucky Burj, also known as Lakkhi Burj, is a small tourist spot in Kota in Rajasthan, India.

Lucky burj in Kota rajasthan is an extension of the castle wall

This beautiful tower is an extension of the castle wall and is located near the CV Garden and Kishore Sagar Lake and Seven wonders Park.

View From Top of Lucky Burj Kota, Rajasthan, Sarovar marg adjoining to Kishore Sagar.

It is a great place for couples, families, and photography lovers to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view from the top. The tower offers view of the city and the Kishore Sagar Talab, CV Garden, Jagmandir palace as well as distant view of Seven Wonders Park and Kota Thermal Power plant.

Built in the 18th century, Lucky Burj was constructed at a cost of one lakh rupees, which is how it got its name Lakkhi Burj.

The Burj was once home to the Heritage Garden Restaurant, but it is currently not functional.

The entry to the tower is free, and it is best to visit the Burj in the mornings around 8 am or in the evenings after 5 pm, when the traffic is lighter and the views are more pleasant.

Park in Lucky burj, Kota, Rajasthan is well maintained

The burj has small park with benches and one can enjoy sunrises and sunsets by the banks of the Kishore Sagar Talab. The wind flow is quite good, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

It is important to note that, children should be handled with caution near the railings as these may be unsafe being at height. Also take caution of Monkeys.

Royal cenotaphs in Kshar Bag as seen from Lucky Burj

Royal cenotaphs in Kshar Bag, can be seen from the Lucky Burj. These monuments, also referred to as Chataris in Hindi, were built in honor of the Rulers of Kota. These memorials in the style of umbrellas have stunning architecture that features geometric patterns and symmetry.

In conclusion, the Lucky Burj is a hidden gem in the city of Kota and should not be missed by anyone visiting the city.

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