A Symmetric Marvel in the Heart of Kishore Sagar Lake

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Jag Mandir PalaceRaj Arch Museum deptt

This palace lying in the center of Kishore Sagar was built by Rani Brij kanwar wife of Maharav Durjansal and was used by her as a palace for recreation and amusement. It consists of a big hall, two Chambers, dining room, store room and toilets. Afterwards social functions of Kota state were also organised here with fountains lattice work and Gates it is a Marvel in the architecture while the presence of trade palm tree make this building more alluring”

The stunning, symmetrical Jag Mandir Palace is a prime example of Rajasthani-era architecture and is situated in the centre of Kishore Sagar Lake. The palace was constructed by Queen Rani Brij Kanwar, Maharawal Durjansal’s wife, and served as a getaway for the regal family. Fountains heighten the tranquil atmosphere of palace.

Two Floor Architecture

You’ll be in awe of the palace’s breathtaking views as you get closer. The symmetrical palace, which stands tall and proud, is perfectly framed by the blue waters of Kishore Sagar Lake.

Boat can be take from Two sides

Using a boat, you can get to the palace from either the CV Garden side or the side of the Seven Wonders while taking in the refreshing breeze.

Hall on First Floor

You’ll be astounded by the palace’s architecture once you enter. The structure is equipped with a large hall, two chambers, a dining room, a store room, making it the ideal place for entertainment and recreation.

The palace previously hosted Kota state social events, displaying its splendour and grace.

The Chhatris and Jharokhas of Jag Mandir Palace, which provide breathtaking views of the lake and the surroundings, are among its most outstanding features. These distinctive Rajasthani architectural features are grouped symmetrically to create an even more beautiful scene.

Serene Water of Kishore Sagar Lake (From Top)

An even more stunning view of the lake and its surroundings can be found from the palace’s top. The metropolis beyond the gardens’ lush foliage is visible from here. On the first level, benches are strategically positioned to take advantage of the views and offer the ideal spot to sit, unwind, and snap pictures.

The Kishore Sagar Lake and its plethora of birds can be seen in stunning detail from the roof, making it the ideal location for shooting pictures.

The palace’s meticulously maintained gardens, which are set out symmetrically like those of the Taj Mahal, are another noteworthy feature. The garden is home to palm and Ashoka trees, which enhance its placid beauty.

Jag Mandir Palace, located in the centre of Kishore Sagar Lake, is definitely a marvel with its breathtaking vistas, mild breeze, and tranquil environs. This palace is a must-see while in Kota, whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or just searching for a quiet escape.

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