The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Kota

The Umaid Bhawan or New Palace in Kota, Rajasthan, was built in 1902 for Maharaja Umed Singh II in the Indo-Saracenic style. The palace combines European and Indian architectural elements, featuring minaret towers, chattri domes, and arches.

Umaid Bhawan Palace in Kota also houses a Heritage hotel

 Brij Vilas Bhavan Kota

Brij Vilas Bhavan built in 1739 AD, is multistoried, chaitya, Chajja, Jharokhas. the building is magnificent example of Medieval Rajput Architecture.

CNI (Church of North India) Church in Kota

The CNI (Church of North India) Church in Kota, located in the Sabzimandi area of Rampura, is one of the oldest churches in the city and serves as a prominent worship center for Christians. Established by Father Bonner in 1893-1894, this splendid church has a rich history of over 125 years. The architecture of the CNI Church reflects a blend of Gothic and North Indian styles, with intricate carvings, pointed arches, and elegant stained glass windows.

CNI (Church of North India) Church in Kota

Abheda Mahal, Kota

Abheda Mahal, located in Kota, Rajasthan, is a magnificent palace known for its stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings. The palace, built on the bank of a pond, dates back to the 13th century and exhibits a blend of architectural styles. The palace is surrounded by a vast lake with lotus flowers in bloom, offering a serene and scenic atmosphere. Its well-maintained gardens, designed in Mughal style, feature geometric rectangular hedges, while the palace interior showcases exquisite paintings.

Abheda Mahal, Kota

Jag Mandir Palace

Jag Mandir Palace, located in the heart of Kishore Sagar Lake, is a stunning example of Rajasthani architecture. Built by Queen Rani Brij Kanwar for recreational purposes, the palace has a large hall, two chambers, a dining room, and a store room, making it perfect for entertainment and recreation. Its symmetrical structure and the presence of fountains, lattice work, and gates make it a masterpiece of architecture. The Chhatris and Jharokhas of the palace are noteworthy features that provide breathtaking views of the lake and surroundings. The palace is accessible by boat from either the CV Garden side or the side of the Seven Wonders. Visitors can take in the serene views of the lake from the palace’s top and enjoy the meticulously maintained gardens with palm and Ashoka trees.

JAG MANDIR PALACE is an Architectural marvel in Kishore Sagar Lake


Garh palace Kota,
Source:,City_Palace,_Kota,_Rajasthan(1).jpg Author:Shrikant Bansod
Garh palace kota Houses a museum

Sukhdham Kothi

Sukhdham Kothi Kota houses a Restaurant and Hotel
Architectural Heritage building of Rajkiya Mahatma Gandhi Uchha Madhymik Vidyala )(Government Senior Secondary School)
Architectural Heritage building of Rajkiya Balika Uchha Madhymik Vidyala )Badi Maharani (Government Girls Senior Secondary School/ Badi Maharani)
One Old Haveli in Rampura

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