The Chambal Garden, located along the banks of the Chambal Reservoir in Kota, Rajasthan, is a well-established and highly visited park that has been a favorite among families and tourists for many years. The park continues to attract visitors Through out the year.

Chambal Garden Train

One of the park’s main highlights is a scenic Train tour that offers a panoramic view of the entire park, bringing back memories of childhood.

Tiny Train for Toddlers

The park features two zones – a children’s area with play equipment like swings and slides, and an amusement zone that offers exciting rides. There’s also a small toy train that is perfect for kids located within the amusement zone.

Visitors can also admire the Kota Thermal Power Plant, which is visible across the reservoir and is particularly stunning during the night when its lights light up the structure and chimneys.

At night, the park is well-lit and provides musical entertainment through various speakers that have been installed.

There are plenty of benches and seating areas throughout the garden where visitors can sit and enjoy the views of the Chambal Reservoir and its lush green lawns, which are surrounded by neatly trimmed hedges.

The park is also lined with beautiful palm trees, adding to its tropical feel, and features unique and stylish Ashoka trees and peaceful banyan trees that provide a shaded area for visitors to relax.

Well trimmed Ashoka trees at Chambal Garden

During the blooming season, visitors can marvel at the stunning bougainvillea in white and red, as well as other seasonal flowers.

Another unique feature of the park is the beautiful steel rope suspension bridge, known as the Lakshman Jhula, which can accommodate up to 10 people at a time and swings gently over a small pond that used to have gharials but no longer do due to a broken bridge.

Sculptor of Women with Water pots in Chambal garden Kota

The park is also home to several sculptures and monuments, including a woman selling fish, a woman with water pots, dragons and dinosaurs made from concrete.

There’s a chowpati outside the park gates where visitors can enjoy street food and ice cream, and a small canteen within the park where visitors can grab a snack or refreshment.

Tourists can also go on a thrilling Chambal Safari in the wilderness from the garden, but it is advisable to check the availability of the boat and the fees beforehand.

The park’s pathways, lined with grey and red checkered stone tiles and stone paving blocks, are a delightful way to walk around, and the beautiful undulating stone stairs add to the park’s charm and beauty.

In conclusion, the Chambal Garden is the perfect destination for visitors of all ages.

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