The day before an exam can be a crucial time for preparation and can impact your performance on the day of the exam. Here are some things to avoid doing the day before an exam:

Don’t cram: Trying to learn something new at the last minute is not a good approach to prepare and may even make you more stressed.

Avoid studying all night long because it can affect your cognitive function and your capacity to recall knowledge during the exam.

Don’t take part in too demanding activities: Overly demanding activities, like exercise or sports, can raise stress levels and harm cognitive performance.

Avoid consuming significant amounts of caffeine or energy drinks, as they might worsen anxiety and reduce the quality of your sleep.

Skipping self-care activities like eating a balanced diet or getting adequate sleep can impair your physical and mental performance on the exam.

Stay away from negative thoughts: Dwelling on them or self-doubt can make you more stressed and affect how well you perform on the exam.

It’s critical to arrive early at the examination venue so you have enough time to prepare for the exam and lower your stress levels. The following advice will assist you get to the testing location on time:

Make a route plan: Learn where the exam location is and map out your journey in advance, accounting for traffic and any potential delays.

Allow extra time: Plan to arrive at the exam center at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam to give yourself time to settle in and calm your nerves.

Use a dependable method of transportation: Opt for a mode of transportation that is dependable, such as booking Taxi or Auto in advance.

If there are any unforeseen weather circumstances, take into account the weather prediction and make plans appropriately to ensure that you arrive on time.

To prevent tension and guarantee that you don’t forget anything, pack your basics the night before. These include your admit card, identification, and stationery including Ball pen (Black or Blue as allowed, pencil etc.) It is extremely Important

Set an alarm and ask a trustworthy someone to wake you up: Set your alarm for a time that will give you plenty of time to prepare and go to the exam location on time.

You might also arrange to take a family member with you to the exam so that you won’t chat to your peers which will help to avoid any  conversations leading to negative thoughts.

You may give yourself the best chance of success by using these strategies to lower stress and make sure you get to the examination center on time.

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