It’s crucial to keep track of your academic progress for a number of reasons.

Clarity and organisation are provided: By keeping track of what you have studied, you can clearly see your progress, the material you still need to cover, and what you have already done.

Increases accountability: Keeping track of your studies makes you accountable for your own progress. It makes you more likely to stick to your study schedule and helps you stay motivated.

Helps to identify areas of weakness: By tracking your studies, you can easily identify areas where you need to focus more attention and improve.

Improves memory retention: Keeping track of what you have studied can help improve your memory retention, especially if you review your notes and the topics you covered regularly.

Keeping track of your studies can be extremely helpful in revision. By keeping track of your studies, you have a record of the topics you covered, the date you studied them, and any notes you took. This information can be very helpful in planning your revision and ensuring that you cover all the important topics.

Keeping track of your studies can be very helpful in allocating your time effectively. By keeping track of the topics you have studied and the amount of time you have spent on each, you can get a clear understanding of how you are spending your time. This information can be used to identify any inefficiencies in your study routine and help you allocate your time more effectively. For example, if you find that you are spending too much time on certain topics and not enough time on others, you can adjust your schedule to make sure you are using your time wisely.

In addition, keeping track of your studies can also help you manage your time better by setting realistic expectations for what you can achieve in a given day or week. This can help you avoid overloading yourself and reduce stress.

A sample of Table to keep track of studies is As below Can you Split Topic and Chapter in above Table

Explanation of columns:

Date: The date when you studied the topic or chapter
Topic: The name of the Broad topic studied
Sub Topic: The name of the Specific chapter studied
Time: The number of hours spent studying the topic or chapter
Remarks/Notes: Any important points or observations you made while studying
Revison No.: Should increased by 1 for each Revision of Specific Chapter-wise
This format can help you keep track of your studies in a more organized manner, as you can clearly see which topics and chapters you have covered and for how long. Additionally, you can also use the data to evaluate your progress and adjust your study routine if necessary.


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