Here are some Practical tips for attempting multiple-choice question (MCQ) paper and filling completing an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet fast and with higher accuracy.

First Tip

Read the instructions carefully, as the same are very important for the following reasons: 

  • Understanding the format: This include the number of questions, the allotted time etc.
  • Negative marking: Information about negative marking is most crucial and may have got changed from previous year.
  • Instructions may specify  whether to use a black or blue pen or type of pencil, and how to fill in the OMR sheet.
  • If you don’t read the instructions carefully, there’s a good chance you’ll make a BLUNDER.

Second Tip

Look over the question paper quickly to get a broad overview of question paper and difficulty level.

Attempt paper in Rounds,

  • In First Round start with the easier questions to gain confidence. Write question number in that you will attempt in second Round.
  • In Second Round, attempt difficult questions from the first round that you weren’t sure of.
  • Review the questions you answered in the first round and look for any errors or mistakes.
  • Check your work: Before submitting your answer, double-check to make sure you have selected the correct option.

Thus, You can efficiently manage your time and lower your stress levels by attempting paper into round

Third Tip

While Filling OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet you must take care that:

Fill in your correct personal details like Role no, Encoding or series paper or making signature. As this may lead to fundamental unpardonable mistake.

To darken the circle completely.

 To handle OMR sheet carefully and not fold, tear, or wrinkle the sheet.

Avoid spilling liquid on the OMR sheet as this could make it more difficult to recognize your answers. Avoid applying excessive pressure as this may Tear paper.

To fill out an OMR sheet, you must follow a predetermined technique that has been tested in mock exams. Whether the OMR sheet should be filled out after each question, after a group of questions, or after or after attempting all questions. This is absolutely crucial since despite knowing the right answers, many students nevertheless submit utterly incorrect responses. Additionally, this will help in effective time management.

Extra Point: By marking your responses after each question, you can track your progress and raise the likelihood that you won’t make a mistake, which will boost your confidence and lessen anxiety.

Fourth Tip

Use of Intelligent guesses, prior attempts of questions, patterns – After carefully reading each question, cross out any obviously erroneous answers. This may facilitate choice reduction.

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