Alania Dam is a dam located near Kota, Rajasthan in India. It’s about 40 Kilometers from Kota on NH 52 i.e Kota Jhalawar Road. If visiting from Kota, One has to take a Turn on the Left from Water Tank to reach the place. Chattaneshwar Mahadev is another attraction in close vicinity to Alnia dam details of which can be found here

It is a water reservoir built on the Alania river and provides water for irrigation and other purposes. The dam is a popular tourist destination and is known for its scenic beauty and its recreational activities such as bird watching and picnicking.

Visitors to the Alania Dam can enjoy the natural scenery, including lush greenery, rolling hills, and the tranquil waters of the reservoir. There is a Hanuman Temple in the Near the Water Body, where a lot of kirtan and Puja activities take place.

Fishing boats

Near dam there are boat of fisherman which give a distinctive look and pleasure to watch. A PWD resthouse is also there Near Dam.

It is always recommended to check for current conditions, such as water levels and weather, before visiting the Alania Dam to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Also be careful to be safe from Water.

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