Bhimlat Waterfalls

Bhimlat is one of the most Beautifull waterfalls in the Desert state of Rajasthan.  From the city of Bundi, it is near about 30kms. The Approach Roads are good barring the last 800 meters. 

The waterfall is extremely spectacular with Huge width. height of the waterfall is about 60 meters. As per legends, Pandava Prince Bheema kicked the ground and created this huge Depression in the Rocky base. Water from nearby Aravali after accumulation in the Bhimlat River gets discharged into the lake forming the bottom of the fall. This has very high Geomorphological importance though, in comparison to Garadiya Mahadeo, the trough is somewhat lesser picturesque.

Multiple Geographical micro-elements can be experienced in this fall including the mist, rainbow, and ripples on the upper courses. The fall is mightiest in August.

Care should be taken to avoid injury since the Rocks become slippery due to water. Steep stairs lead to the Bottom of the falls where the Temple of Lord Shiva is there. The journey to the bottom is adventurous although not advisable for the Weak and seniors.

Overall it is a must-visit place if you are nearby Kota to escape hustle and bustle of busy city life. It is an extremely Peaceful place, where Nature has its best to Show. As it is a desolate place, one should plan to visit in a group. The Entire route of Bhimlat Falls from Kota is like Heaven in monsoon. Nearby hills and railway Tracks are free-addon to the Place.

Responsible tourism would be befitting thanks to This elegant gift of nature.